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David Wishnow
Athletics Administrator


Middle school students who meet academic & behavioral criteria may tryout for extramural sport teams if all required paperwork can be found at the county website linked above. After completing the county requirements, complete your online registration at www.planetHS.com

Girls’ & Boys’ teams are selected for Flag FootballVolleyball, Track & FieldSoccer, and Basketball. Practices are often 1 to 2 days per week for 60-90 minutes after school. Seasons consist of 5 matches with our neighboring cluster schools (exception: track is one scheduled track meet with top qualifiers competing at the middle school level track meet the following week). Cluster winners will then have an opportunity to compete in the district tournament for each of the team sports.

Academic Criteria Students must have earned at least a 2.0 grade point average from the previously completed semester. Students must have earned promotion from the previous school year. Students cannot be 15 years of age prior to September 1st. Each coach may apply academic criteria that exceeds the aforementioned & applies current academic progress in regards to being a team member and/or the student’s role in practices & games.

Behavioral Criteria Representation of Davidsen on a track, field, or court must be preceded by a student-athlete’s appropriate behavior & standing with the student affairs administrators & his or her classroom teachers. Weekly communication among the coach, the student’s assistant principal & teachers will be utilized by the coach in making any decision regarding the student’s role in practices & games.

Athletic Paperwork/Packets A completed athletic packet must be submitted prior to any tryout. Once a packet has been submitted, it is good for the entire school year. All forms must be electronically submitted through the PlanetHS website (see instructions above). Students returning to Middle School Athletics must use the SAME PlanetHS.com account from last school year (do NOT open a new account for the student as names are attached to last year’s account). There is a green SELF HELP tab at the
PlanetHS.com website to assist, if needed. The only form that carries over from last year would be the EL2 Physical Assessment form as that is good for one calendar year. All others will need to be renewed and submitted again for this school year.

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Welcome to Extramural Sports and Athletics at DMS. Before participating or trying out for a team, all student athletes must complete video requirements and submit forms online.