Make Sure Your Child Knows:

How to find assignments There may be an "assignments" link inside each class and/or assignments will be listed inside the Modules.

How to locate a document that has been opened (it shows up on the bottom of the screen as a tab that needs to be clicked) 

How to save a file, how to name it, where to put it, and knows how to retrieve it. Teachers suggest setting up a “folder” for each subject and practicing 10 minutes with a blank word doc. 

How to submit an assignment for grading

How to change the font size when typing. Most documents will be editable and they will need to be able to adjust the font accordingly. 

The difference between a PowerPoint and Word document.
Think- PowerPoint is like a slideshow while a Word doc is like a piece of paper. 

How to toggle between the tabs of open web pages. Ex-be able to go from Canvas to Quizlet and back to Canvas by clicking the tabs. 

The proper way to Zoom (how to mute, look sharp, etc)

For fun, look for ways to personalize your Canvas profile page and pick out or design a fun Zoom backdrop for your meetings!

Click into your first period class. (follow the bell schedule to know when to go to your next period.)



About Smart Start Week:

Attendance: This is the most important item during this first week. We are the 7th largest district in the US with hundreds of thousands of kids who will be logging into Canvas at the same time. If your child can't get into Canvas, you can always email your homeroom teacher as well which will also count. Then try again the next day if necessary. 

No content is to be started in middle school during the first week because so many of our kids won't have devices. Most teachers are spending this week practicing how to do an assignment, how to take a quiz, how to comment in a discussion, etc in the Canvas platform. It's mostly for fun so don't stress out over it.   


Canvas Vocabulary

Dashboard: Where you see all of your classes together.

Landing Page (aka-Home Page)- It's like a book cover! It will be the first page that pops up once you enter a class. It will have a bunch of buttons (like chapters of a book) that will take you to various places. 

Button: A picture or icon that once clicked, takes you to another place. It's like opening a door. Ex: the “Digital Resources” button will take you to a page with login links or instructions for Zoom, Edgenuity, Gizmos, Office 365, etc. 

Module: It's like a unit in a textbook that contains pages of information, assignments, quizzes, discussion questions, etc. Items in a module, once opened, will look like an outline or a table of contents. Each item can be clicked and opened. 

​To DoThis handy list will show assignments that have been given by different teachers. You can find it on the right side of the screen when you are in the Dashboard 

1) Set your default browser to Google Chrome (Clever works best in Chrome)

2) Sign in to CLEVER "Active Directory" (bookmark this page)

3) Enter your username (lunch number) (#######) and password

3) Once you are logged into Clever, click the Canvas Icon (make it a "favorite" by clicking the heart and it will appear at the top of your Clever page). 

e-learning bell schedule
​all classes follow the same daily schedule
Print or write out your schedule with the class start and end times and tape it right next to your computer 
Bell Schedule and 
First Three Days Bell Schedule 


Welcome Davidsen

Please bookmark this page as a guide that can help
and support all of our students at Davidsen who have chosen
​to begin the year with E-learning.

Brick and mortar students may also find this page helpful for understanding the Canvas platform.