*Hillsborough County PTA Winner

1st Place:  “Self Confidence Blasts” by Nicole Jimenez-Perez-

​2nd Place: "First Bloom" by Brooke Voorhees

​3rd Place: " Iris" by Lisa Qi

Honorable Mention: “You Got This” by Lexi Brown


Ronald Davis
Hillsborough County Reflections Award of Excellence in Music 

Olivia Mirk
Hillsborough County Reflections Award of Excellence in Literature

Diana Ly
Hillsborough County Reflections Award of Merit

*1st Place: "Provider" by Ronald Davis

2nd Place: "The Power of Hope" by Sebastian Heydt


Thank you and congratulations to all students who submitted entries for the PTA Reflections contest, "I am Hopeful Because"

We had a high level of fantastic entries and are so proud of all the work that was submitted this year. All participants will receive recognition for their work. 

We are pleased to announce the following Reflections winners for the 2023-24 school year.


*1st Place: "A Collection of Love" by Diana Ly

2nd Place: "Starry Sky" by Julianne Fackrell

​3rd Place: “Forever Tree” by Dean Archer-Klebe

Hillsborough County Reflections Awards 

Dec 13 5:30 pm at Ybor Centennial Park

 We are thrilled for our district level winners whose work will also go on to the State competition! 


Visual Arts

*1st Place: "I am Hopeful Because" by Olivia Mirk

2nd Place: "Hope” by Annelyse Duke

​3rd Place: “I am Hopeful Because” Ngoc Ho

Florida PTA Reflections Awards

We are thrilled that Davidsen Middle School 8th Grader, Ronald Davis has won the Florida PTA Music Award of Excellence and Award of Merit for two consecutive years.
Ronald is a member of the Davidsen Chorus, an A student, and a wonderful person all around. We could not be more proud!